Local Links

  • Able Academy: provides many programs, including a full time school program for children preschool through high school aged, social skills classes and an early intensive intervention clinic where preschool-aged children receive intensive, course altering therapy.
  • Art Fest Naples
    Art Fest Naples is held every year to raise money for Children and Adults with special needs. On a personal note: I’ve been supporting the Art Fest for the past 10 years. With the arrival of Jack, so many of the people involved with the art fest have returned.
  • AHCA: Medicaid Services
    Their Agency was statutorily created by Chapter 20, Florida Statutes as the chief health policy and planning entity for the state. We are primarily responsible for the state’s $18 billion Medicaid program that serves over 2.7 million Floridians.
  • Behavioral Therapy: O’Connell Behavioral Services 5432 Rattlesnake HammockRD
    Naples, Florida, FL 34113 Phone: (239) 316-7657
  • Buddy Break Naples is a free respite program which provides caregivers of VIPs with a break. VIPs ages 2-16 are welcome as well as their siblings
  • Children’s Medical Services
    Children’s Medical Services is a collection of special programs for eligible children with special needs
  • Ciocca Apps is a small indie app development company run by a father and son team who developed the youBelong app. youBelong is the first social network for exceptional people and their families!
  • Community Resources Network of Florida, Inc.: They believes that individuals with developmental disabilities shall be afforded an array of services to promote their individuality and sense of well being.  We strive to adopt the individuals priorities as our own to help them thrive in the community.  We are driven by the needs of the individuals we serve.
  • Connection Coalition: The Connection Coalition of Southwest Florida is a regional collaboration of private and public agencies, health care and disability rights  advocates, professionals, educators,  transportation organizations, housing and service  providers, individuals with disabilities and their  families and friends.
  • Cynchronisity Cynthia is sharing treatments that have helped her and her family so that others can experience a better balanced life and move forward in their lives with ease and grace.
  • Cynchronisity helps explain what is the alternative? This blog is my way of sharing those simpler things; be it apps that have enriched our son’s education, discussions I have had with friends that have made me or them go “hmm,” insights from my energy work, or simply thoughts on something I’ve read.
  • Early Steps for Southwest Florida To help infants and toddlers in Collier, Lee, Glades, and Hendry Counties.
  • Easterseals Academy: provides exceptional services, education, outreach, and advocacy so that people living with autism and other disabilities can live, learn, work and play in our communities. 8793 Tamiami Trail East, Suite 111 Naples, FL 34113 Phone: (239) 403-0366
  • Education for our children Encouraging the Involvement of Parents of Children with Disabilities
  • Eliana Tardio Eliana Tardio has a wonderful website and has been helping parents in the Naples area for years
  • Exceptional Student Education
    Exceptional Student Education: Sharing the commitment is a collaborative advisory that has been created to foster effective partnerships between parents, schools, and the community.
  • Family Care Council Florida
    Their mission is to advocate, educate, and empower individuals with development disabilities and their families.
  • Family Network on Disabilities: Family Network on Disabilities (FND) was founded in 1985 by a group of parents of children with disabilities who came together for mutual support and information-sharing.  FND is a grassroots organization for persons with disabilities and their families that is family-centered and family-driven.
  • Florida Department of Children & Families
    The ACCESS Florida Program is responsible for public assistance eligibility determination and ongoing case management of Food Assistance, Temporary Cash Assistance and Medicaid.
  • Florida Department of Education
    The Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services administers programs for students with disabilities and for gifted students.
  • Florida Health CMS: Florida’s Children’s Medical Services Managed Care Plan (CMS Plan) provides children with special health care needs a family-centered, comprehensive, and coordinated system of care.
  • Florida KidCare
    Florida KidCare is affordable health insurance. Through Florida KidCare, the state of Florida offers health insurance for children from birth through age 18, even if one or both parents are working.
  • Florida’s Voice on Developmental Disabilities
    Helping families and friends learn about services, resources, programs, events, and laws and legislation as they pertain to persons with developmental disabilities.
  • Foundation for the Developmentally Disabled
    Ensuring that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families have the support they need to be full members of the community. We encompass all ages and all spectrums from autism, Down syndrome, Fragile X, cerebral palsy, spina bifida
  • Freedom Waters Foundation: Their mission is to improve the lives of individuals with special needs and veterans by providing therapeutic marine related experiences on the waters of South Florida.
  • GiGi’s Playhouse GiGi’s Playhouse is the ONLY nationwide network of Down syndrome achievement centers; changing lives through free, results-driven programs for individuals of all ages, families and communities.
  • Gigi’s Playhouse Fort Myers: All of our therapeutic and educational programs and tutoring are free and support all ages, from families with a prenatal diagnosis through adult individuals with Down syndrome.
  • Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples
    Their mission is to provide an exciting, inspiring environment where children and their families play, learn and dream together.
  • Golisano | Nicklaus Children’s Health Center: Our services are close and convenient; and our health professionals provide the highest level of care for our youngest patients. Your children are our sole focus.
  • Integrity Biofeedback, Inc.
    Biofeedback may be used to improve health, performance, and the physiological changes which occur in conjunction with changes to thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Eventually, these changes may be maintained without the use of extra equipment.
  • Kelle Hampton
    Kelle Hampton just had a beautiful baby girl with Down Syndrome and is sharing her story with the world
  • MF Therapy Group Naples
    Occupational Therapy is a rehabilitation specialty that is provided by a licensed individual
  • Naples Children & Education Foundation
    The Naples Children & Education Foundation (NCEF) was established in 2001 with the vision of making a profound and sustaining difference in the lives of children in Collier County.
  • Naples Equestrian Challenge, Inc.
    At NEC, they offer activities to address the physical, mental, and social challenges their riders face. Their riders come to them with disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Stroke, Autism, Amputations, Spina Bifida and Spinal Cord injuries.
  • Naples Community Hospital North: NCH Pediatric Outpatient Rehabilitation provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy for infants, children, and teens. Our clinics offer a pediatrics only gym and private treatment rooms.
  • Naples Real Estate
    Douglas Sharpe is a Naples, Florida REALTOR®, who places a high emphasis on superior market knowledge.
  • Naples Zoo
    Free admission every first Saturday of each month for Collier County Residents.
  • Paws assistance dogs mission: PAWS Assistance Dogs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes independence for combat wounded veterans and children with life-changing disabilities through partnerships with skilled assistance dogs.
  • Pediatrics: Lighthouse Pediatrics of Naples: Lighthouse Pediatrics stems from our deep faith in God and our belief that God has a mission for this practice. We believe that by combining biblical principles with best medical practices, we can provide our families with quality care in a loving, nurturing environment.
  • Pediatrics: Wilson Pediatrics: We strive to provide the kind of “old  fashioned” service that is now more commonly being associated with private  “membership fee” practices. We take our own after hours call (not a “call service”)  and answer our phones from morning to close with live people (not machines).
  • Sharing The Commitment to Excellence: is a collaborative advisory to the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department in the Collier County Public Schools. The advisory has been created to:
    • Foster increased communication, commitment, and shared responsibilities between the school district, parents and community agencies to provide quality programs and services    to students with disabilities in our schools
    • Provide a forum for parents with students with disabilities to discuss critical issues and concerns and to provide input for federal grant spending for IDEA Entitlement
    • Serve as a resource for the ESE Director and school site Principals in matters pertaining to ESE programs and services
    • Provide information and training to school‐based administrators, staff and community agencies on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

    The Exceptional Student Education Department, the South Florida Parent Center, and the Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resource System (FDLRS), provide information, training and support to parents, educators, and agencies regarding services and programs for students with disabilities. Sharing the Commitment sponsors workshops or training for all persons interested in services for students with disabilities. All schools and community agencies sponsoring a training or workshop receive an ESE Parent/Professional Library for their school media center.

  • Soukup makes our community stronger by providing nonprofit organizations with expertise in fundraising and nonprofit management and more beneficial information.
  • Special Needs Children Fund
    Since 2012, it has been our mission and commitment to help improve the lives of children and young adults with physical and intellectual disabilities in Naples, Florida area.
  • Special Olympics Collier County
    Special Olympics dwells on all the things these athletes CAN do.
  • TARA
    has dedicated time and finances each year to promoting concerts for the benefit of The Eden Institute Foundation and Eden Florida. If you like music you need to check this site out.
  • Trailblazer Academy: Helps participants gain independence and job skills and explore pre-employment opportunities. It  also includes special enrichment experiences for an overall quality of life. Call the FDD office at (239) 594-9007 for more information.
  • Virtus Academy: provides an exceptional educational experience for children with developmental and behavioral challenges, focusing on individual strengths and promoting personal advancement to reach each child’s full potential. 2675 Horseshoe Drive S, #404 Naples, Florida 34104 Phone: (800) 217-9289 ext 704