World Down Syndrome Day

Happy Down Syndrome Day.



Think Differently About Special Needs Planning

On July 26th, 2016 at 6:30pm BE IMPACTFUL

Phillip C. Clark Investment Advisor Representative will be speaking.

Hosted in Conjunction with Gigi’s Playhouse

Phillip’s younger sister, Sarah, is 27 years old and has Down syndrome. Based on his own personal experiences, Phil has developed a passion for helping families with children with special needs to develop strategies so that their children can live impactful and fulfilling lives.

At this event, Phillip will be sharing ways that his family has been positively impacted by special needs planning and how these strategies have created many opportunities for his sister.

Phillip’s practice is focused on creating significant relationships that are based on a mutual alignment of values, philosophies, and expectations. While individuals with special needs may need some extra guidance and careful planning, the opportunities they have to live a life of meaning, purpose and significant impact are abundant.

Location: Courtyard Marriott 4455 Metro Pkwy Fort Myers, FL 33916

Seating is limited so please RSVP at PCLARK@LCGINDY.COM

Registered Representative/Securities and Investment Advisory Services offered through Signator Investors, Inc. Member FINRA, SIPC, a Registered Investment Advisor 6500 Busch Blvd., Ste 105, Columbus, OH 43229, (614)-846-6000 Legacy Consultants Group is independent of Signator Investors, Inc. Your attendance at this event does not obligate you to purchase any products. At the conclusion of the seminar, representatives of the firm will be available to make appointments to review individually the products and services they offer. #134-20160714-305846


Free event once a month for children with disabilities “Whiz Kids Play Group”

Golisano Children’s Hospital in collaboration with the Naples Children & Education Foundation is hosting a monthly play group for families with preschool age children with disabilities. This play group provides the opportunity for children to play with their peers in a safe environment. It also allows families to connect and establish supportive relationships with other families that have a child or children with special needs and abilities.

This is a free group, parents must register to attend. Call Tara for more information and to register at (239) 254-4279

July 16th 3pm-5pm location is 1050 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples, FL 34108

Socks only facility, don’t forget your socks!

Miracle, Dave Clark host 11th annual Special Needs Camp

Players and staff will work with special needs children on Saturday, May 7 for more information go to Special needs camp

Changing you, changing your realty

Integrity Biofeeback and Cynchronisty invite all parents of special needs children and adults to come learn about the importance of stress reduction and how it can impact your life and that of your family.

Event held on May 13th, 2016 10am-12pm.

Location: Integrity Biofeedback, Inc. 3541 Bonita Bay Blvd. Suite 100 Bonita Springs, FL. 34134

Please RSVP to Cynthia Sharpe by May 7th, 2016 at or (239) 298-6969.

March 21 – World Down Syndrome Day

Happy Down Syndrome Day.

Star Wars Regal Cinemas showing for kids and adults with sensory issues

From Lee Dixon:

Great news!!!

Knowing that other theaters have done this I reached out to Regal Cinemas Hollywood 20 movie theater here in Naples and they have agreed to do a special sensory showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens for those kids, and adults, with special needs who might not otherwise be able to see it. A sensory showing involves controlling the volume and lighting for those who can’t tolerate loud noises and dark rooms as well as being able to talk and move about the theater without worry for those who can’t sit through a 2.5 hour movie. The showing will be on January 16th at 10:30am and if we make this a success Hollywood 20 has agreed to do monthly showings of movies.

Please spread the word so that those who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to see this movie at the theater will be able to enjoy it. Thank you for your help.

Art Fest for special needs January 23th and 25th

To be a volunteer to help children with disabilities (Art Fest Naples) on Jan. 23 and/or 24 here is the form. Volunteer Form

We would like to let you all know about Art Fest Naples which will be held on January 23th and 24th 2016 at Fleischmann Park. (1600 Fleischmann Boulevard Naples, FL 34102, Across from Coastland Mall)Art Fest Naples 2016

For 18 years, the Art Fest has ranked in the top 100 art shows by Sunshine Artist!  What is unique about the Art Fest is that benefits from the show go to a charity organization.  In 2015, the benefits from the show will help Special Needs Children’s Fund a 501 (c)(3) of Collier County.  Many families have benefited from the help they received from organizations affiliated with the Art Fest for more than 18 years.

Every Now and Zen: Meditation

Often times I have a conversation with someone about meditation because that is typically what most people can relate my work to. Meditation is important as it does free us from being ever so mentally consumed. It is refreshing and typically can rejuvenate the body or at least bring clarity.
But when asked, most people find it very difficult to get to that meditative state. My first memory of a successful meditation came when I was in college. I invited my mother to come along with me as it was actually an after hours event being held on campus and I felt she would enjoy doing it with me.
When we walked into the room there were rows of straight back chairs with no arm rests. We were asked to sit close together and were given a phrase to repeat over and over again. I remember feeling uncomfortable at first to have to “chant” the words, but soon fell into line with everyone else. If I was going to be there, I might as well make it my best.
I soon noticed that as I was chanting I was shedding tears. I was not crying, but tears were streaming down involuntarily.
I remember walking out saying to my mom that “I felt like I just had a spiritual shower!” I wanted more, I loved the feeling so much.

Now, when people ask for my advice on how to begin meditating, I almost always suggest chanting. You can choose to use a favorite word or phrase, or you can do a web search for chanting music and see what resonates with you. People are so “mind-full” these days that the idea of tuning out and into ourselves is challenging. I have also suggested using essential oils during meditation for those who really find it difficult. Our sense of smell is our most powerful sense, using a scent that calms or shifts our mood can induce a nice meditative state all on its own and even more so, in combination with music.
When I first started mediating I wasn’t quite sure I was actually meditating. What I saw when I first began, oftentimes felt like still life images, like when movies first were invented. I was always wondering if I was getting “true” information or if I was “forcing” the meditation. Now as I meditate, I not only see images that are fluid, I hear or feel things that support what is being communicated.
I hadn’t had the experience of shedding tears after that first chanting meditation until a few years ago. My husband’s father passed and I found the Kundalini Meditation Music CD in the library and brought it home and began listening to it. When I heard Snatam Kaur sing Heal (Ra Ma Da Sa) I began to cry, and if my husband was around when I played it, even he shed tears. It was the perfect song to heal from that loss.

My son loves hearing Ma from that CD. During those restless nights when his brain is overactive, listening to that chant oftentimes helps him fall asleep.

Energy Work: First Distance Session


Describing how I am able to do distance sessions really challenges people’s minds.
Most people have at one point or another had a circumstance in which they said to another individual, “I was just thinking about you” as they have received a phone call or bumped into that individual. That seems simple to people and expected. Usually in that case, the person has thought of the other individual several different times to create that “connection.” It is very similar though rudimentary to what I do.
I relate my distance work to that of when the internet was first created. There was dial-up, it was slow and if you were lucky, you got connected to the internet. How I am able to tune in to people is more like a T-1 line. Once I have asked permission and am allowed, I am “connected.” I typically use a picture of the person, as I am very visual, and call their name. and I ALWAYS ask the person’s permission to work on them first and foremost, especially when I am doing it at another person’s request.

A few years ago, I was sitting in my bedroom on my bed and staring at a picture my girlfriend sent me via text of her son. I had no idea if I could do this, but I asked God for permission and to help me. In my mind I called her child by name and told him that I wanted to work on him.
Earlier that day, I received a call from his mother, and as we were catching up on what had been happening in both of our lives, she told me her son was just diagnosed with RSV, a respiratory illness that can be especially fatal to children.
So there I was sitting there asking my friend’s son for his permission to let me work on him. I was not sure if I “had” him, but I sensed and “felt” this energy kept wanting to bounce up and down. He seemed so happy that I was asking to work on him that he continued to bounce. I had to explain to him that I couldn’t work on him unless he stopped bouncing around. All of a sudden , just as simple as that, I “felt” his energy stop bouncing, and he quickly lied down. He did what I asked of him and I began my treatment which typically lasts almost an hour. As I was working on his body I began to cry, but it was not my sadness I was releasing, I was well aware it is his.

Since this was the first time I had worked on anyone via distance, I wondered if there would be any way I would know when I was done. Then there was a sense of completion, a sense of release that happened that gave me the confidence that we were both done. I felt him at peace. I closed the session by thanking him for allowing me to help him. I always feel that is important, as we are truly equally blessed to give as to receive. I sent his mother a text letting her know that I did get to work on him, but I didn’t get a reply.
I let a week’s time pass and I called his mother. I asked how her son was doing. “Great!” she says, as if I shouldn’t have expected any differently. “Ok,” I say, “I’ve gotta ask you a question, does your son like to bounce a lot?” “Yes.” “Did he poop a lot after the session?” “As a matter of fact, he did! The next day my boyfriend remarked, ‘Oh this is bad.’ and then the next time he said, ‘Oh, this is worse!’ ”
Letting go of the things that have impacted us and are toxic to us usually manifest as a physical letting go. And so some people may feel their body shift, either in reduction of pain, ease of use of their body, or even loosing weight as they release their “heaviness” or “density.” Or as described above, their body physically releases in the form of forcing the person to go to the bathroom. Either way, the individual feels “lighter” as they begin to resonate and recognize their own density and let that go.