About Down syndrome Naples

Down syndrome Naples is here to help children, adults, family and friends with Down syndrome as well as other additional needs here in Naples, Florida.

My wife and I have been blessed with our beautiful baby boy who is with Down syndrome and had complete and balanced AV septal defect in addition to a smaller secundum ASD.

Jack just had his surgery and is doing wonderfully. Now that Jack is doing so much better I have some time to put this website together. I got the idea to build this website right after Jack was born and we needed to start researching Down syndrome and heart defects. I was able to find information on both but was having a hard time finding any information for help right here in Naples.

As I searched I did find some very helpful sites but took time to find them so I came up with building this site to make it faster and easier to find help right here in Naples for children with Down syndrome.

I ask if you have any information you would like added to this website please feel free to contact me with your thoughts and information.

Thank you!
Jack’s Dad, Doug Sharpe

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