This is provided at no cost to families of individuals with disabilities who are enrolled in special education programs.

Do you have a student with a disability receiving special education services?

Gain a better understanding of special education processes and learn how to help your child benefit from special education services by accessing Special Ed Connection®. Here are just a few of the resources waiting for you:

News and updates on the latest news and developments in the special education community.

Tools that can help you learn how to be more actively involved in meeting the special education needs of your family member.

Smart Starts that provide a quick way to gain a better understanding of almost 450 special education topics, federal regulations, case law, assistive technology, and how the special education law applies to your family member.

A Special Ed Online Dictionary that lists more than 1400 widely-used terms with straightforward, easily-understood definitions.

Special Ed Round-Ups that offer a fast and easy way to quickly access best practices on hundreds of special education issues from autism to bullying to postsecondary transition and more.

This is provided at no cost to families of individuals with disabilities who are enrolled in special education programs.

To request access to this comprehensive resource, contact Jessica Braun at (239) 337-8539 or via email: JessicaB@LeeSchools.Net

Free parent conference for Exceptional Education and Student Support Services

Karen Stelmacki, Executive Director of Exceptional Education and Student Support Services, reminding us about the free parent conference taking place Saturday, November 7, from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Estero High School. This is the second Collier-Lee Schools collaborative event. The conference offers a variety of training, education, and networking opportunities for parents of students with disabilities. Learn ways to increase family and collaboration and find out what strategies your child’s teachers are using in the classroom. You can pre-register online at or by calling Theresa Bowen at 337-8363. If you are unable to register in advance, you can do so at the event. Remember, transportation is available from Golden Gate and Immokalee high schools, but pre-registration is required. We hope to see you Saturday, November 7, 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Estero High school located at 21900 River Ranch Road in Estero.

Hands-on Energy Work

This article came from Cynchronisity

People react differently when I share what I do. When they hear energy work most people automatically think Reiki. When I explain that Reiki is hands-off and that I am hands-on, they shift their thought process to massage or some form of tissue manipulation. I do neither. I literally lay my hands on an individual and I “know” what needs to be done. I am the conduit to their healing only facilitating what their body is telling me to do. For most lay people, this seems absurd and/or impossible. But we all communicate through our bodies, hence the term body language.

When I do my energy work, I may be working on the individual’s physical body, but I am helping them release their emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical issues that have caused their body pain.

It seems rather simple to me what I do, though not readily accepted or understood by others. Simply put, we are all mass and energy combined. Affect one, you affect the other.

I am often humbled by what transpires in my healing sessions. Although it would seem to a layman that I could work on different people and tell them the same things about their body, we all have different experiences and through those experiences we process differently and hold onto things that don’t serve us and have different reasons for doing so.

As much as I can try and explain what it is that I do, it is a difficult translation and not often understood. I always begin each session with a silent prayer, making sure that there is no transference of energy between me and the client or vice versa. It serves neither one of us to have that happen. I’ve had that happen in my own healings where the practitioner has transferred their energy and I end up processing not only what I am working on but theirs. that has left me in a state of turmoil. I run energy, I do not use my own, that’s why there is no transference.

I recently worked on someone who had never had energy work done. I was at home getting ready for the session, I was preparing my meal and as I sat down to think of what I wanted to drink, I was craving an alcoholic beverage. I NEVER drink before a session, I want to be clear of mind, energized and giving the purist session my client can receive. But I really wanted an alcoholic beverage…then I went to change clothes for session, and noticed as I typically want to shower and put essential oils on specifically for the session, I didn’t even want to leave the house. All I really wanted to do was stay home.

My client sent me text with a possible cancellation as she was delayed due to a business call that could take up to several hours. As we spoke she told me that all she really wanted to do is be at home and have a big glass of wine. This “information” often transpires as I prepare for a session, minus the wanting to have an adult beverage.

I get “hits” about the individual and how the information comes to me is different per client and depends on how they process information. In other words, if someone is a visually learner, I get more visual images, or if they are auditory that is how I get my information. That is why each session is different for each person and even each session is different for the same person.

So when I begin the hands-on session, it is just that, I lay my hands on the individual and let the energy run. I often find that although some people are asking for a healing, often they are in resistance and are unaware of it. So I ask them to focus on something whether it be music, a crystal, breath or whatever facilitates their letting go and receiving.

Depending on the individual, I share what “comes up.” To gives you and example, this client wanted to rid herself of anxiety and wanted to feel grounded. I was at her feet and what “came up” was that she doesn’t always feel safe, and needed to feel safe in order for the session to be beneficial to her.

Later in the session as I was at her head, I “felt and sensed” that she sometimes didn’t feel her feet. When I asked her about that, she said she couldn’t feel her feet at that very moment. I took a breath and asked (in my head) why she would feel that way. It became clear to me that she needed to stand on her own and she had been afraid to do so. So I verbally cleared that from her. And then it became apparent to me that she need to feel the “twinkle in her toes.” When I shared that, she became very emotional. That’s what happens during my sessions, its not just about running energy, its about the energetic vibrations and perceptions we choose to hold on to that no longer serve us that I facilitate in helping the clients become aware of and help release. Words hold those energetic vibrations, positive and negative and it is freeing when we release our perceptions regarding those and in turn it makes us feel lighter.

At the end of the session, I reminded my client to take it easy the following day. People release and process the session differently. In other words, some become rather emotional, others literally are physically letting go and are continuously using the restroom as their bodies release what no longer serves them. Yet some people (typically those who do energy work or who have worked on themselves throughout the years) have none of those reactions and are more at peace and energized and are able to go throughout their days without those effects.

Help with Insurance for our children

1. Help with getting insurance to cover therapies one can write a script for PT. OT & Speech coded as Congenital Heart Disease code 747.21.  This was accepted by Cigna.  Another code that can be used for the insurance companies for approval is “hypotonia”
2.  Children’s Medical Services will issue a “safety net policy” to those with insurance to cover additional therapies or for those policy holders whose insurance companies will not pay for the PT/OT/Speech.  800-226-3290 x119

Free classes for parents of children with autism and/or challenging behavior

Free classes in the month of October 2015.

Please see the attached flyer on parenting classes offered for parents of children with autism and/or challenging behavior and share with parents who may benefit from these free classes.

Essential Tools Flyer

Dodge ball 4 Down syndrome

Dodge ball for Down Syndrome! ALL funds raised will benefit GiGi’s Playhouse Fort Myers.

Grab your friends and head to Lovers Key State Park on October 11th at 9AM for a day of FUN in the SUN! Create a team: 6-10 per team, Triple Elimination! 6 courts and only 32 total teams so space will fill up fast.

Please visit Gigi’s playhouse to register and for more information: Gigi’s Playhouse



WHEN: SATURDAY, MAY 9TH 10-11:30am

WHERE:  Naples YMCA (5450 YMCA Rd.) off Pine Ridge Rd (in the wrestling room).

WHAT: Young Athletes™ is a unique inclusive sport and play program for children with intellectual disabilities and their peers. The focus is on fun activities that are important to mental and physical growth. Children ages 2 to 7 enjoy games and activities that develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Young Athletes is an early introduction to sports and to the world of Special Olympics. The children learn new things, play and have lots of fun!

WHY: Learning gross motor skills is both fun and rewarding. Additionally, Parents say their children in Young Athletes also develop better social skills. The confidence boost makes it easier for them to play and talk with other children on the playground and elsewhere.

COST: FREE No reservations required – Coupon for free lunch for children under 8 at Wynn’s Healthy Oasis Café (located in the YMCA).  To ensure your child’s free lunch please call Special Olympics:

Phone: 239-775-1991

Or email:

Art Fest for special needs January 24th and 25th

We would like to let you all know about Art Fest Naples which will be held on January 24th and 25th 2015 at Fleischmann Park. (1600 Fleischmann Boulevard Naples, FL 34102, Across from Coastland Mall)

For 17 years, the Art Fest has ranked in the top 100 art shows by Sunshine Artist!  What is unique about the Art Fest is that benefits from the show go to a charity organization.  In 2015, the benefits from the show will help Special Needs Children’s Fund a 501 (c)(3) of Collier County.  Many families have benefited from the help they received from organizations affiliated with the Art Fest for more than 17 years.

Understanding your child’s rights at school

This is a good website to check out to learn more about your child’s rights at school.

Annual Buddy Walk for Down syndrome

Annual Buddy Walk for Down syndrome will be held on Saturday Oct. 25, 2014 at 15000 Livingston Road Naples, Florida 34109. It will start at 8:30am until 11am at the North Collier Exhibit Hall. The registration fee is $10. For more information please call (239) 252-400 or e-mail